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adoption attorney Pensacola, FL
Adoption is a miracle and a loving choice. At the Adoption Center, we understand that choice. We are highly experienced, Christian adoption attorneys specializing in bringing children, birth mothers, and loving adoptive parents together. We understand the full social, legal, and emotional aspects of adoption.

The Adoption Center handles approximately over 100 adoptions a year, and we assist in all types of adoptions.   With Northwest Florida offices in Shalimar, Pensacola and  Panama City, we can help you make an adoption miracle happen. 
adoption attorney Panama City, FL
Attorney Profiles
Learn more about our attorneys: Robison “Rob” Harrell, Alice Murray, and Sallie Norris.

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adoption services Pensacola, FL
Adoption Overview
Our firm can assist with all kinds of adoptions.  We work with birth mothers and adoptive parents.

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adoption services Panama City, FL
Learn more about the process of adoption by checking out our many helpful resources.

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adoption agency Pensacola, FL
We handle all kinds of adoptions, including the following:

• Infant (Florida and interstate)
• Other non-relative (Florida and interstate)
• Stepparent
• Grandparent
• Other relative
• Foster child
• Adult
• Foreign

In every adoption, our goals are:

To insure that each child is adopted by a loving family that will provide the child with good role models and a permanent, stable, financially and emotionally secure home; and

To insure that each child will be taught to understand and appreciate that the birth parents chose the very unselfish and loving adoption option in order to act in the child's best interests.

In adoption, you can make a miracle happen, and we can help, so contact us today.

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